You have to be hungry for your dreams.

Wanting it is not enough.It is your hunger that will drive you to succeed.

We just clocked into the ember months meaning that we just have four months till the end of 2017. And yet there is no difference between where you are now and when you stepped into 2017.

What are your excuses? Its time to let them go. The reason why you are still indulging your excuses is because you are not hungry enough. When you get hungry you will be ready to do whatever it takes to get to your dreams.

Now is another opportunity for you to give your dream a chance. Yes the first idea you tried failed or didn’t go as planned. That’s Ok! Try another idea. Don’t sit in your room and do nothing and expect miracles to just happen. You create your miracles. You have to put yourself out there.


Cook up your hunger if you lack one. It’s time to take responsibility for your life. Stop depending on the factors that you cannot control to survive. Tap into your inner strength and discover true qualities in you and develop them

Take actions now that will move you towards your dreams. Each little action you take is better than days spent doing nothing or just day dreaming.

If you have lost your dreams. DREAM AGAIN. It’s never too late.

This that month you put away distractions from your life. Play time is over. Get serious. Be courageous and have faith. Feel the fears but push them away and do it afraid. Draw your strength from your source. God designed you and he has given you all it takes to succeed. His promises are your backings.

When the road gets tough. Don’t give up. Seek for help. Ask questions. You will get there.

Above all don’t forget to SMILE and say YES to your life.

I love you always.


P.S Are you stuck not knowing how to move forward? Are tired of the excuses? Do you want to crush your goals and live your dreams? Send me a private message.


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Author: Adaeze Chianumba

Founder Kickstart Your Dream

I help aspiring entrepreneurs & young professionals maximize their talent,overcome self doubt,fear & procrastination by creating a road map and support to improve performance and launch their dreams.

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