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Two Secrets of a successful woman

Everywoman is born with greatness. She is created to procreate. She has the ability to birth the future and that is why the enemy is so interested in her. He is interested in her destiny. Remember the serpent went to eve and not Adam even though he was there beside her. 

If you check history women has always been abused, looked down upon, subjected to a lot of hardship and pains etc. There must be something really spectacular about her. 

The two secrets of a successful woman is :

1. A hot Prayer life. 

You can’t do without prayers, if not the devil will use you and play soccer ⚽. In this world there is good and evil, the physical  is controlled spiritually. When you pray you control things in the spiritual. If you don’t know how to pray I wonder how you can actualize your dreams especially here in Africa where being a woman has a lot of expectations. Right from creation the devil has been after the woman.

 Tell me about your prayer life and I will actually tell how far you will go in life. You are either hot or cold. The devil doesn’t want you to succeed and that is why you have to pray without season because that is your weapon against the devil. Ask any successful woman you know, she will tell you the value of prayer in her life. 

The secret to actualizing the greatness already in the inside of you is PRAYERS. Pray without season. Pray every where. Talk to God where you are, inside the car, as you are cooking, while taking your bath, in the cool of the night, just pray. It’s not a religious affair, just as it is in your heart just say it there and then to God in the name of Jesus and He will surely hear and answer you. 

 The enemy has seen what you carry and he is vigilant looking for ways to steal your destiny. The good news is that we are conquerors through Christ Jesus therefore he can’t get us. Pray because your life depends on it. 

2.Wise Relationships. 

Your relationship can either make or mess you up. My Pastor will always tell us to look for relationships that speaks to you from your future. It’s not about now, it’s about where you are going to. Like we know the friends we keep will always influence us. 

Who are you talking to or listening to? Do they speak edifying words to you or words that will bring your spirit down or lead you to fall into temptation. Before Eve thought of eating the forbidden fruit she was TALKING to the serpent. Words has the ability to create pictures in our head, and whatever you can picture you can feature in it. So be careful who you are conversing with. 

If it’s not making sense to you, Don’t listen! Because when you do you will find yourself thinking about it. Just as men are moved by sight, a woman is moved by what she hears. Feed your ears with positive things. Listen to great tapes, go to places where you know you will be motivated positively. 

Look for friends who are interested in a great future and desire to make impact, they will definitely rub off on you. And they will hold your hands as you take the journey to a glorious future which awaits you. 

I hope this blessed you. 

Wooooooooow!  It’s 29th August and the month is already gone. Right now am evaluating how far with my goals for this month. I think you should join me and do same. I am really looking forward to September… 😂 😂 😂  #HappyNewWeek 

Never forget I love you and you Rock! 

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Author: Adaeze Chianumba

Educator | Speaker | Coach
I love music , teaching school kids, travelling, watching thriller movies and doing whatever thriller me at the moment. Some people say I am a Feminist and guess what I totally agree with them because I stand for women anytime any day. I love adventures , meeting people and speaking my mind always.
Also I am a wife to the best husband in the whole world, a sister to four fascinating and awesome brothers, a great daughter to the world best mum and favorite daughter of the most high God.

I am passionate about you becoming the best you can be.

I love you and praying for you.

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