My Genesis Story!

Its a beautiful month ! Just five months to the end of the year. I am excited because good things are coming my way.

Today I am going to share my story and l hope it inspires you.

In SSI we were asked to choose classes based on our interest and academic performances. I was good in sciences but excellent in arts. My mum advised me to take arts but I refused because I wanted to be like my Dad and elder brother who were science inclined.

When I went back to our guidance and counsellor in school they put me in a social science class where I was allowed to combine both science and arts subjects. At that time if you asked me what I wanted to be in future I will mention careers such as being a Medical Doctor, Pharmacist, and other popular science professions. So I tilted towards chemistry and physics and when results were called I managed to get a pass in them during WAEC .

Between SS2 and SS3 our school organized a career Seminar where different experts and career counsellors were invited . The training was an eye opener for me. The journey of understanding my authentic self and passion began at this point. I started to ask myself all those realistic questions such as what is the motive behind my career choice, what do I like,what do I hate,what will like to change,what are my innermost yearnings etc.

My revelation came under a mango tree in front of my SS3 classroom block. I would love to be teacher. The day I told my mum she doubted it because she is a teacher and I always said I would never be a teacher. The teachers I knew were underpaid and not stylish when it comes to fashion.

One of my teachers unconsciously influenced this decision. She was my Igbo teacher. She had a great personality and a friend to every student. She was always interested in how you are really doing. She was kind and if you needed advice that is not related to academics she was the one to go to. You could literally see her passion when she teaches..I wanted to be like that and help young people like me .

The only profession I knew then that could help me do that was Education. That was how I applied to study Education in the University. I choose geography as my subject area because it was my best subject. My passion was to teach and help people become the best they can.

After four years in the University I came out amongst the best in my class and I got my dream job in a secondary school to teach geography. I loved my job. I was a star teacher .The school management loved me and my students loved me .

After three years I really became unsatisfied. The itching has been there but I never really paid attention till now. I wanted more. I loved teaching maps and landscapes but when I get to teach the students about life. Especially on topics such as habits they need to cultivate to improve their performance, how to choose career based on passion,build self confidence etc These were my high moments and I cherished them. Sometimes I got speaking engagements in schools on related topics and I also organized my own programs.

Thanks to the internet I started reading on how to turn my activities into an earning venture. I took courses and got ideas of what to do but I always had one reason on why it is not the best time to start. I wished somehow that my dreams will just happen. I got the opportunity to take another course Start the Year Right by Victor Ekpo Bassey and it set my head straight and also I took Social Media mastery by Emeka Nobis to grow my influence.

Finally I made a decision to get my act together and start building my dreams because no one is going to do it for me. Today I help individuals to maximize their talent, overcome self doubt ,fear and procrastination by creating a roadmap to improve their performance and launch their dreams.

Are you are tired of living below your worth?

Do you really want to do what you love and get paid for it?

Are you tired of being stuck not knowing where to start and how to start?

Are you tired of being the excuses and fear that only you can explain! Do you you want to launch your passion?

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Author: Adaeze Chianumba

Founder Kickstart Your Dream

I help aspiring entrepreneurs & young professionals maximize their talent,overcome self doubt,fear & procrastination by creating a road map and support to improve performance and launch their dreams.

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