Maximize your strenght.

​You have a weakness and you have a strength(talent)!

That’s how you are created. The people you see doing great things in their field have over time learned to maximise their strength.
On a scale of 1-10 your weakness is that area where you perform below 5 while your strength is where you perform above 5.
Its easier to excel on your area of  strength than to excel on your weaknesses. Let’s say without training your public speaking ability is 7 , it will be easier to get to a 10 when you invest your time and effort in developing it.
But when you are a 3 when it comes to public speaking it will take more time and energy to even get to a 5 or 6.
The reason why most people struggle in their field is because they are not operating in their area of strength.
If you want to excel or become successful in life or business learn to maximize your strenght. 

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Author: Adaeze Chianumba

Founder Kickstart Your Dream

I help aspiring entrepreneurs & young professionals maximize their talent,overcome self doubt,fear & procrastination by creating a road map and support to improve performance and launch their dreams.

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