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How to stop wishing and start doing.

I wish I wish I wish !Thats a popular song by R.Kelly.Sometimes we spend so much time wishing and doing nothing.

“Successful individuals desire things, and then get busy turning them into realities, while a lot of unsuccessful people wish for things, but then spend the rest of their lives wishing for them”~Edmond Mbiaka.

Its the last week in November and we have things we have wished for at one point or the other.For me right now I wish to have breakfast at the tallest hotel in Dubai.Such a beautiful wish but if wishes were horses beggers will ride on it. A wish is simply a desire and it can only become a reality when we act on it.Wishes only happen instantly only in magicland .We have wishes for our dreams to come true but that will only happen when we start doing something about it.

There are things to do to help you wake up from wishland.

1. Ask yourself some real questions.How bad do you want it? What do you need to do to accomplish those goals and dreams? How much time,money and energy do you need to invest in getting whatever it is that you desire.Be realistic of where you are and how far you need to go.

2.Ask and seek for help. Look for those who already have what you want and get advice from them.Buy books relating to what you desire to be or do. Get a coach to guide you.You can join a support group online or offline.There a lot of professional groups on facebook today that can help you get where you are going.If you are a woman who wants to use her God given strenght and talents to affect the world you can join The Exceptional Woman Hub on facebook for support that will help you achieve your 

3. Show up daily. You need to be committed to habits that will help you succeed. Extraordinary people simply do ordinary things consistently.If your dream is to write a book commit to writing everyday for at least 30minutes.Do it consistently for 30 days you will get amazing result. There is a price for sucess and discipline is just one of it.Challenge yourself to commit 30 min-1hr daily to your goal.

4.Pray pray pray.Work hard pray hard. Divine help goes  a long way in getting us closer to our dreams.Commit your ways to the lord and he will establish your plans proverbs 16:3. We can do all things through Christ who strenghthens us.
Its a beautiful day to Stop wishing and start doing. 

Wow it’s already day 28th day in November.2016 is almost gone gone gone! Hope its been a fabulous year for you.Keep staying tuned. Follow me on Twitter @theadaeze as I bring you #BuildYourRainbow this Saturday.  Check me out on instagram @AdaezeChianumba and like my page on facebook @ Adaeze Chianunba

I love you always!



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