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One of the major hindrances to why people don’t achieve their dreams is not because they don’t know what to do but simply because they procrastinate.

There are attitudes you exhibit without being conscious that can show if you are a procrastinator or not.

Some of them we exhibit unconsciously without even realizing what we are doing.

When you hear yourself say things like, oh, I have plenty of time to get to that project, Or, I work better under pressure.

Or maybe, you’ve heard yourself say, I’ll get to it, but first I just want to. And off you go.

These are dangerous signs that you are in the procrastination zone.

Next time you catch yourself using these phrases adopt the ten minute rule.

Instead of postponing the action you are supposed to take you work on the project for ten minutes and see what happens.

By the time you start you will be so engrossed that you will end up finishing it.

Another trick you can use is the Visualization technique. Always visualize the successful completion of your project and how you will feel when you finish that project.

This will push you to start working on it.

Do you find yourself in the procrastination zone? Share in the comment box.

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Author: Adaeze Chianumba

Founder Kickstart Your Dream

I help aspiring entrepreneurs & young professionals maximize their talent,overcome self doubt,fear & procrastination by creating a road map and support to improve performance and launch their dreams.

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