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Another Friday.. & the Possibility  Challenge. 

Yaaaaaay…. TGIF. I love Fridays. It means the weekend is here. You get to relax and spend time with your family. For me it’s also an opportunity to evaluate how far or good the week was.  As I was thinking about what to blog about today I stumbled on SimSim  my favorite girlfriend post on …

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Your Key to Success is your Self confidence! 

I have never seen anyone on this planet earth open his or her mouth to say that he or she wants to be a failure in life. We all desire success in one way or the other. Although most of us set up ourselves for failure through our actions and inactions. Even though we might …

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#BeYou #DoYou Just like Trump! 

Finally the US elections are over! To the amazement of all Donald Trump won. The world is still shocked. What can we say but glean some life lessons from such a historic election.  The story of Donald Trump has shown us that AUTHENTICITY will lead you to great success. In this life, it doesn’t matter …