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Build Your Passion Online(Series 1)


The online world is our new reality in the 21st century. Almost everyone with an internet connection can be seen online these days. Due to the presence of Facebook,twitter,Instagram,periscope and other social media platforms the world is now a global village. You can interact with anyone in any part of the world from your bedroom..

If you are like me and  you read a lot of motivational books and attend personal development seminars you will be conversant with the tagline ” FOLLOW YOUR PASSION AND MAKE MONEY” and so on and so forth. Well that could only be true only when you invest in your passion and make it profitable.If your passion is not making you money then its a hobby.

We have heard so much about the word passion that we might even get confused on what it is.

Passion simply means what you love doing.

To build your passion online simple means to build a business based on the things you love to do. To grow your business you need people that are willing to buy what you are selling and you can find them online.The online world is a platform you can use to let the whole world know about you and what you do.

To build your passion online you need to gain clarity on what you are really passionate about. Its possible to have more than one passion. Wisdom will require you to focus on one and overtime you can evolve into other areas that you are passionate about.

There are two primary ways that can lead you to discovering your passion.

1.Ask your self questions and answer them. Such as

  • What do I like to talk about?(check your social media posts for clues)
  • What will you do even if you are not paid for it?
  • If you inherit a hundred million Naira what will you spend your life doing?
  • What do you do exceptionally well?What comes naturally to you without you even having to try?(Your talents)
  • What can you teach someone?
  • What will you like to change around you?

2. Ask your parents,siblings and friends to tell you things about you especially things that you are good at. Most times people around us tend to see us more than we see ourselves.

Your chance of succeeding in building a business online is very high when it is based on your passion. Find your passion then build a business around it. And do it online.

After reading I will like to hear from you. Are you doing what you love? If yes ,is it online or offline? If no, what is holding you back? Tell me in the comment box.


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Author: Adaeze Chianumba

Educator | Speaker | Coach
I love music , teaching school kids, travelling, watching thriller movies and doing whatever thriller me at the moment. Some people say I am a Feminist and guess what I totally agree with them because I stand for women anytime any day. I love adventures , meeting people and speaking my mind always.
Also I am a wife to the best husband in the whole world, a sister to four fascinating and awesome brothers, a great daughter to the world best mum and favorite daughter of the most high God.

I am passionate about you becoming the best you can be.

I love you and praying for you.

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