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Build your passion online (Series 3)

Having an account with Facebook , Twitter or Instagram doesn’t mean you have a business online.

You have a business when people pay you for the value you are offering through your activities on any of the online platforms. Value offered could be a product or service.

What is Online Business?

It is any kind of business activity that happens online (over the internet) . A business owner who does any, or all of their business using Internet is running an online business. It is also referred to as e-business.

What value do you have to offer?

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Author: Adaeze Chianumba

Educator | Speaker | Coach
I love music , teaching school kids, travelling, watching thriller movies and doing whatever thriller me at the moment. Some people say I am a Feminist and guess what I totally agree with them because I stand for women anytime any day. I love adventures , meeting people and speaking my mind always.
Also I am a wife to the best husband in the whole world, a sister to four fascinating and awesome brothers, a great daughter to the world best mum and favorite daughter of the most high God.

I am passionate about you becoming the best you can be.

I love you and praying for you.

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