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Build your passion online (Series 2)

Develop your passion.

Now that you have discovered your passion the next thing for you to do is to develop it. It’s an active process. Before gold comes out it passes through fire to be refined because it’s of lesser value in its raw state. What you have or you are passionate about was given to you for a purpose and you need to share it with the world. Only those who build or develop their passion or talents become exceptional.Michael Jackson was the best because he developed his singing talent.

Today there are millions of writers blog but only a few stand out such as Jeff Goins blog. The difference is that he has perfected the art of writing . Fact is if you want to learn how to write just follow him and subscribe to his articles.

You need to become so good that you cant’t be ignored. Whatever it is that you love doing give it all you have. Create time for it. Be it singing, dancing,writing,cooking,photography, teaching  etc do it so well that you get paid for it.

Three things you need to do to develop your passion.

  • Learn everything you need to know. For instance if your passion is writing you need to study other writers that have stood out over time . Read books,poetry, journals, articles and other literary works . Learn all the pros and cons involved in writing. Join writing groups and challenge yourself to write. Research on what it is you want to do and it will definitely guide you in your journey.
  • Practice practice and practice. Set a time to practice. Most people know what they are good at but that never become the best because they don’t practice. If you can write just write, if it is singing don’t stop keep singing , continue dancing untill you become flawless,what ever it is just do it. You don’t have to be perfect to start. You will get better only when you practice. Recently I noticed that my cooking skills have improved because I cook more than I used to cook before. Then I could stay weeks without trying to cook anything apart from indomie. With practice you learn. Michael Jackson became the king of pop because he put in 100 of hours in rehearsals. If your passion is photography get a simple camera and take photos with it. Collect pictures of everything around you . Make sure you are perfecting your art.
  • Enroll in a course or get a coach. There is no end to learning. There are people who have done what you desire to do. You can pay to be coached.Thank God for online courses today learning can be so convenient and affordable. Search for courses in the area of your interest and enroll. There are paid and free courses too. You can check Udemy, Allison, Future Learn etc they offer free and paid courses online.

    Life is sweet when we live it on our own terms. Building your passion online will help you to do that. Don’t just follow your passion, develop it and build a business around it online.

    I will love to hear from you . Leave a comment in the box below and tell me one challenge stopping you from developing your passion.

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    Author: Adaeze Chianumba

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    I love music , teaching school kids, travelling, watching thriller movies and doing whatever thriller me at the moment. Some people say I am a Feminist and guess what I totally agree with them because I stand for women anytime any day. I love adventures , meeting people and speaking my mind always.
    Also I am a wife to the best husband in the whole world, a sister to four fascinating and awesome brothers, a great daughter to the world best mum and favorite daughter of the most high God.

    I am passionate about you becoming the best you can be.

    I love you and praying for you.

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