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5Skills You need to Develop.

To build your dreams there are skills you will need to teach yourself. They will help you to make progress towards your goals. I have listed out the five that are very basic for every individual that wants to succeed.

1. Know your true self.  A lot of people do not know there true self and that is why they struggle in life. What is important to you,family or friends etc.You need to know your capabilities and what you enjoy doing. Irrespective of your skill levels you need to know what interests you. To thrive in business or life you need this.

2. Learn from experience. We can always learn from people’s experiences or our very own experience. They say experience is the best teacher. We all make mistakes and the ability to analyse them and take away lessons from it will push us forward.

3. Learn how to ask questions. An Igbo adage says 

Onye ajuju anaghi efu uzo.

This means that you can never get lost if you ask questions. This will lead you to more information tat you need to know. Ask Google,experts and anyone you think knows what you are looking for.Research.

4.Set Objectives: Big and small organizations always have objectives of the things they want to achieve quarterly or annually. You need to learn how to set specific objectives of what you plan. Then develop an action plan that will help you achieve them.

5.Making Decisions:In an era of information  explosion it is hard to sieve and select the right information. So many times analysis paralysis keep us stuck from taking action. You need to be able to take decisions and act on them immediately .

Acquire this self development skills and you will be on your way to achieving whatever it is you want.

What are your own views?

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Author: Adaeze Chianumba

Founder Kickstart Your Dream

I help aspiring entrepreneurs & young professionals maximize their talent,overcome self doubt,fear & procrastination by creating a road map and support to improve performance and launch their dreams.

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